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 Ambush girls is a partnership between

couple of girls and the outdoors.

Our aim is to create quality gear to help

you get out there, have fun and look



Ambush girls range

You don’t have to be able to surf Shipstern’s or do kite loops, but you do need to have your own gear that looks and feels good, fits properly and doesn’t fall apart.  Having your own gear makes it easier to get into a sport on your own terms:  you don’t have to rely on anyone else to borrow their stuff – you can just get up and go.  Having gear that is good quality, but designed for the female body, makes male dominated sports like surfing, kiting and mountain biking a little less daunting.  That’s where we come in.

Ambush kids range

Ambush kids gear is designed with the next generation of surfers, kiters and bikers in mind.  Finding good quality gear for little bodies can be a challenge.  Our range is designed for boys and girls who don’t fit into the adults stuff but still want to get out there.



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